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Aylin Sweets

Aylin Sweets, based in London, started small in June 2013 with only a Popcorn machine and Candyfloss machine for hire. Customers were happy with the service and high-quality sweets we provided and bookings kept coming in.

A few months later we’ve added Slush machines for hire due to huge request followed by Sweet carts for hire and bouncy castles for hire

One year down the road followed chocolate fountains for hire and waffle machine. All this happened thanks to our amazing customers who appreciated our products and professional service.

Aylin Sweets is dedicated to making your special day deliciously fun by always coming up with innovative ideas and always using high quality products.

After the business blossomed, Chris, joined the company to help expand our selection of amazing products so that we can serve even more people. Over the years Aylin Sweets has worked for hundreds of customers which keep coming back every year.

Today, we offer candyfloss machines for hire , popcorn machines for hire , slushy machines for hire , sweet carts for hire and many more . We also supply Ice Cream Carts and Photo booths to delight your guests for hours. If you have a dream for your perfect event, we are ready to make it happen.

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