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Project Description

Candy Floss Cart Hire

Cotton candy, candy floss or sometimes known as “that delicious pink fluffy stuff” is loved and enjoyed by lucky guests at the best events all over the UK. Now, your event can offer the same tasty treat to guests with our candy floss machine hire in London and the surrounding areas (we can supply our machine as far as St. Albans, Watford or Uxbridge to the North or Richmond and Twickenham to the South!).

Our candy floss hire prices are fair, transparent and honest which is one of the reasons why our customers love our services (see our gallery for some examples). When you hire a cotton candy cart from us, you benefit from unlimited servings of pink, blue, green or your chosen colour cotton candy and a uniformed attendant (with table decorations to match!).


Candy Floss Cart Hire

Cotton candy, candy floss or sometimes known as “that delicious pink fluffy stuff” is loved and enjoyed by lucky guests at the best events all over the UK.


£1802 Hours
  • • Up to 50 guests
  • • Unlimited servings Pink , Blue , Green Candyfloss (or your chosen color)
  • • One uniformed attendant
  • • Tables , decorations and extension cables


£1802 Hours
  • • £50 extra Hour
  • • £80 Extra 50 guests
  • • We cover all London and Surrounding areas.
  • • If Popcorn machine is taken together with any other service price will be discounted to £140.

Have a particularly large, challenging or unique event? Get in contact and find out more about the bespoke machine rental services that we can offer! You can reach us on 0208 0880 700 or send us an email to

A Candy Floss Cart is Suitable for Almost Any Event

Candy floss (referred to as fairy floss by some) is a perfect addition to any event that will have those with a sweet tooth in attendance (which means pretty much any event!). So, remember to leave room for a nostalgic cart at your next:

– Corporate event that needs to impress.

– Kids birthday party that will be remembered.

– Christening

– Christmas party (bonus points if it is fairy tale themed!)

– Wedding reception

– Marketing event

– Circus or fun fair themed occasion

– Launch event

– Baby shower

There is no comparison to the light, flavoursome and delicious taste of some cotton candy handed to you by a smiling uniformed attendant. Watching the delightful candy floss spiral round the serving stick as you anticipate the treat coming your way is all part of the experience when hiring one of our machines.

Great Deals Can Make an Event

A great deal on all your party machine rentals can make your event perfect and we took note of that. We have put together a range of fantastic prices when booking different types of machine for the same event (or even multiple events if your occasion is going to run several times/over a few days!). Whether you are looking for a chocolate fountain to hire in London to go with your candy floss cart or an authentic popcorn machine rental, we can help you find some great savings!

Areas: Where Our Machines Go

Our candy floss machine hire is available all over London and the surrounding areas. Your corporate event, office party, wedding or kids party could be in Hertfordshire or Richmond and we can turn up on time, with a smile on our face ready to serve some tasty treats.
Given the cost of transporting our sweet carts (fairy floss might be as light as a cloud but that doesn’t mean the machine is!), there may be some restrictions on where we can supply our services. If you are not sure if we cover your area, please let us know so we can offer further information and/or advise you on if there is additional cost to travel to your area with our machines.

Will Your Cater To My Event?

People at near enough all events and occasions are looking for something sweet to enjoy which is why we cater to near enough every type of event.

Our candy floss carts can be used and enjoyed at indoor or outdoor events. We have not yet found any surface that they can not be operated on (previously used on hard and soft flooring and even on grass) and we will be able to advise you whilst booking on if they can be set up should you be hosting your event in a particularly unique location. If you still have concerns, please drop a message in our booking form or ask when speaking to one of our candy floss connoisseurs.

Candy Floss Machine Hire London – Is It That Popular?

Hiring a candy floss machine for an event or celebration is so memorable and pleasantly surprising because it is simply not something you see at every other event that you might attend. Many party planners focus on the intricate details and forget to look back on some of their happiest childhood memories which is why our machines can have such a positive effect. They are unexpected and can really take the atmosphere of an event to the next level.

Cotton candy should be enjoyed by all which is why our products are suitable for vegetarians and kosher or halal dietary requirements. Our machines are supplied with all that is needed to start enjoying this tasty treat. Full service includes: extension lead for set up, table decorations, uniformed attendant, unlimited servings of your chosen colour for up to 50 guests (adding more guests or time is simple to!).