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Aylin Sweets - About Us

Like all good stories, ours began with a party and a plan.

Let’s backtrack a little…

I started as many do, finishing A-levels and going to university. Nothing ground-breaking to mention yet, but fun in all the right ways. I learnt how to party, and how to balance work and fun which would stand us in good stead for the adventure that was just around the corner.

If you have an eye for detail, you might have noticed that we’re a family business who took the initial leap of faith and started Aylin Sweets in June 2013. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, and we wanted to create something that was truly ours. A business that we could run our own way, doing something that we were really passionate about. So we made the decision for Aylin to quit work, while the rest of the family continued working so that we’d be able to pay the bills.

With just a popcorn machine and candyfloss machine for hire, we started small and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, it’s never that simple is it? In reality, there were a lot of sleepless nights, many tears that come with the stress of running your own business and any number of events where we were just winging it, way out of our depth and just hoping for the best. But, in everything, we kept our eye on the prize. We were completely focused on providing excellent quality customer service and using only the best quality ingredients and products, which made clients take notice. And, the proof was in the pudding. Customers loved our products and our “let’s make it happen for you” attitude, and the bookings just kept coming in.

After just a fewshort months…

Within a few short months, we’d added a few slush machines for hire, followed by sweet carts and then bouncy castles. After a year, we knew that we were onto something and really pushed the boat out adding chocolate fountains and waffle machines to the mix. Looking back, it’s all a bit of a blur of hard work and fun as we strove to bring our customer’s dream events to life. And we’re overwhelmed with gratitude to our customers who supported us in this time, giving feedback, and helpful suggestions and making regular repeat bookings.

How we started in 2013
How we started in 2013 as Aylin Sweets

Our second year…

As we moved into our second year, Michela, who was already putting in many, many after-work hours officially joined the company. He brought years of experience in the events industry to Aylin Sweets and was quickly able to identify new opportunities and expand our selection of amazing products. This has helped us to continuously meet the dynamic, changing needs of our loyal customers and attract new customers who are excited and inspired by our innovative offering.

Fast-forward to today…

Today, we offer candyfloss machines for hire, popcorn machines for hire, slushy machines for hire , sweet carts for hire and many more. We also supply Ice Cream Carts and Photobooths to delight your guests for hours. If you have a dream for your perfect event, we still have that same “let’s make it happen” attitude and will go out of our way to give each customer a great experience.

Our success has been built on our dedication to making our clients happy, and nothing has changed. At Aylin Sweets, we’re dedicated to making your special day deliciously fun and we fulfil that promise by constantly innovating, using only the best quality ingredients and products and offering a personal service to each client. We do this because, to us as a family-owned business, every interaction is personal and our clients’ happiness is our top priority.

Team member 2 Aylin Sweets

Our plans for the future…

When you choose Aylin Sweets popcorn hire services in London UK, you’re able to customize the popcorn machine to fit with the theme of your event. If you prefer specific colours or words on the popcorn stand, it’s no problem! We’ll match the theme of your special day to add that extra special touch of detail.

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