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Our commitment to providing stress-free, fun food solutions for events includes our personalised branding services. This is a popular option for corporates looking to add a unique element to a product launch, company event or brand activation to increase awareness and exposure.
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Branded Fun foods carts and confetionery for corporate events in london & uk

Branded Popcorn Machine Hire

Our customised popcorn machines can be branded according to your needs. This includes the top of the machine with a large logo or graphic of your choosing as well as the front and sides of the cart. In addition, our popcorn boxes can be personalised with logos on labels or, if you prefer, we also offer branded popcorn bags.

Branded Sweet Cart Hire

Our brandable wooden carts can be personalised for your event or exhibition with promotional branding on the front of the wooden sweet cart at the bottom, as well as on the roof.

Branded Candy Floss Machine Hire

Ready to sweeten the deal? Our candyfloss machines can be branded across the top, at the front, and along the sides of the cart. But the fun doesn’t stop there, we can also do branded candy floss bags with labels so your guests take a sweet reminder of your brand with them.

It’s not just the sweet and savoury food options that can be branded, bit also our legendary slush machines. Your guests will love our fun, sweet slushies and you’ll love the opportunity for additional branding. Both the stands and the cup labels can be branded with a graphic or logo of your choice. 

Looking for something else?

If you haven’t found the exact customised machine hire that you’re looking for, please get in touch with us. We’re always open to new ideas and will go the extra mile to make your popcorn machine branding dreams a reality!

How Our Personalised Event Branding Service Works

Ordering is simple, we take out all the guesswork.

  • Step 1 – Let us know what service you’re looking for and your branding ideas.
  • Step 2 – We’ll give you a quote and send through the requirements (file formats and size).
  • Step 3 – Give us the ‘go-ahead’ and we’ll print the branding materials, ready for your event.
  • Step 4 – Pay the invoice.

In a hurry? No problem, we offer next day branding solutions!

We know that life gets busy and sometimes things fall through the cracks which is why we offer next-day fun foods carts and machine branding. If you have an event and woke up the morning before with the great idea of personalising the popcorn machines, we can get it done! Or if you meant to order customised branding when you placed your order but simply forgot, that’s no issue either! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to get it turned around within a day so that you have exactly what you need to make your event a success.

Why is Customised Event Branding So Effective?

promotional fun foods machines and carts branding services

Complete Your Communications Strategy

Whether you’re launching a new product, or promoting your brand to potential and existing customers, personalised event branding helps to keep your company top of mind. From entering the event, to décor and promotional food and drink, your brand should be communicated consistently and we’d love to be a part of making that happen.

Makes for Memorable Events

Branding your event down to the smallest detail shapes how attendees, sponsors and stakeholders remember your event, helping delegates to recall positive emotions related to your company’s products and services. After all, if you think about it, a box of popcorn or a bag of candy floss is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face and your brand can benefit from that association!

branded equipment for corporate events
branded popcorn cart hire london events

Creates a Talking Point

Gathering different people in one room can be potentially awkward for the attendees and branded, promotional food is a great way to break the ice. From corporate branding on popcorn boxes to slush puppies that are personalised for  launch, the unique nature of our fun food helps to get the conversation flowing while your guests enjoy a delicious snack.

Expands Your Social Reach

This is especially important for product launches as well as brands that are active on social media. It’s the age of the selfie and the hashtag, and customised snacks are a great way to get your brand noticed. Branding edibles at an event creates novel photo-worthy opportunities and guarantees that you’ll be trending before the night is out.

Personalised Branding Services –  Email or call us for enquiries.

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