5 Creative Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Its the event that youve been planning for over a year and dreaming of for many more. But as your wedding day approaches and there are so many decisions to be made, it can be difficult to think of creative ideas that will take your outdoor wedding from pretty but unremarkable to memorable. To help you get around this, weve rounded up our top 4 suggestions that will give your wedding the spark youre looking for:

1.) Get Creative with Your Décor

Creating a unique, beautiful wedding doesnt have to break the bank. Rather than worrying about expensive décor hire, there are a number of elements that can be incorporated into an outdoor wedding theme that are both affordable and will help to create a celebratory, romantic atmosphere. Options include fairy lights and bunting strung between the tables and around the dance floor, LED letter hire with your initials behind the bride and grooms table or oversize environmentally-friendly balloons (which also make great photo props).

2.) Offer Original Refreshments After the Service
Theres nothing like watching a couple exchange their vows to work up an appetite. While you and your partner are having photographs taken, you can keep your guests entertained with original refreshments before the reception. A popcorn cart and a slush puppy hire are two options that are bound to keep your guests happy. With its retro look and more-ish popcorn, popcorn cart hire will perfectly complement the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding, effortlessly striking the delicate balance between relaxed and sophisticated chic. And nothing pairs better with popcorn than a slush puppy. Slush machine hire allows you to add a touch of nostalgia, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available.
3.) Do a Unique Take on Traditional Wedding Favours
The costs of hosting a wedding can mount up quickly, so its important to save money where you can (so long as it wont impact the overall effect of the wedding). Wedding favours is one of the areas where you can save some money with something as simple as a magic mirror photo booth that will give your guests the opportunity to create their own memories and have something to take home at the end of the evening. Sweet Candy carts are another great alternative to party favours as they allow the guests to choose their own combination of sweets that can be taken away at the end of the evening. And those sweet bags can be customised with the wedding designs to look stylish and create an impact.
4.) Offer a Range of Dessert Options
Hosting an outdoor wedding is both stylish and relaxed. If your guests have been seated for starters and mains, why not have a more interactive dessert selection. This will encourage your guests to get up and mingle as well as moving them closer to the dance floor! Planning a fun dessert experience can be completely stress-free if you opt for sweet cart hire (which can double as a party favour), a waffle cart or something as decadent as a chocolate fountain. From décor to dessert, there are thousands of decisions, both big and small, to be made in the planning process. But when it comes to the big day, its important to have all of those details taken care of so you can enjoy the celebration to its fullest, savouring every moment.

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