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We put the fun back into events! If you’re tired of the same old same old and want your next corporate event to leave a lasting impression, you need to get creative. Hosting the perfect event in the City of London whether for clients or employees doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, it can be as easy as clicking a few buttons… How? Book with us and we’ll take care of all the details, we’re confident that our corporate event ideas are exactly what you need to bring yours to life.

We at Aylin Sweets know it takes more than just expensive equipment to throw a memorable business party. To ensure the happiness and participation of your guests, no matter the event, we provide a variety of branded confectionary and personalised fun food carts for corporate events.

Sound interesting? Let’s have a look at what we at Aylin Sweets can bring to your event…

With many years in the event hire business, we’ve got the business of making guests happy down to a fine art. Working in partnership with us as the corporate event Fun Foods Supplier , we can help design the perfect mix of entertainment to make your event a success.

Let’s start with two guaranteed crowd-pleasers:

Sweet Carts

With hundreds of happy clients, including Amazon, Vogue, Net-a-Porter and VISA, you can rest assured that your sweet dreams for your next corporate event or exhibition are in safe hands. Your event guests will be powerless to resist the temptation to dive straight in the treats that are tastefully arranged on our sweet carts.
  • They’re versatile. Our pick and mix carts have been used for a number of different corporate functions from gala dinners, to product launches and in-office parties.
  • They’re brandable. The carts and machines can be branded with your company’s own logo, perfect for a product launch or an employee end-of-year function.
  • They’re delivered on time – we make it a priority to be set up and ready before the event so our clients get a world-class service without any stress.
  • They’re flexible, we can serve as many event attendees as you need, anywhere in the London area.

If you’re considering a sweet cart for your next corporate event, we’d love to help you get started. We can cater for as many guests as you need, with halal, kosher and vegetarian sweets options also available. Just let us know the date and duration of the event, where it’s being hosted, and if you have any special requirements. Our sweet cart hire includes delivery, setup, collection, cart décor and all the sweets you could wish for!

Popcorn MachineS

Our popcorn machines and carts are a perennial favourite for corporate events. Not only are they brandable, but they make the most delicious popcorn for everyone to enjoy. Why do our loyal customers come back time and time again to hire our popcorn machines? It’s simple really, we make the process as fuss-free and enjoyable as possible ensuring that our clients get:
  • A fresh sense of fun – our popcorn is freshly popped and adds a sense of energy and fun to
    any corporate event.
  • On-time delivery – we make it a priority to be set up and ready before the event so our clients
    get a world-class service without any stress.
  • Flexibility, we can serve as many event attendees as you need, anywhere in the London
  • Brand promotion, in addition to cart branding, we’re also able to brand the popcorn boxes so
    your business gets the exposure it needs.

Want Something Bigger and Better?

If you’re looking for fresh corporate events ideas, we can make it happen! At Aylin Sweets, our goal is to bring your event dreams to life so we offer combination hire options. Because why would you choose just one machine, when you could have many? We’ve made it easy to build the perfect package for your corporate event, and you can make a booking in just a few clicks.

Our most popular options are:

Slush MachineS

Picture this: it’s a hot day in the office, temperatures are sky high and you’d love nothing more than an iced drink. With our slush machine hire, we can take that idea one step further. Our slushies are perfect for any summer event, and all you need to do is book with us and we’ll take care of everything else. Our team will arrive at your office(anywhere in the greater London area) with a uniformed attendant, as well as tables cups and straws. We’ll get set up quickly so we’re ready to start serving your office staff as soon as you give the word! Slush machines also work well for other corporate events such as staff parties, promo occasions, launch parties, exhibitions, conferences and end-of-year functions. Clients from all over London love the authentic ice-cold taste of our slush puppies and they partner perfectly with our other entertainment options such as popcorn machine hire or our smash-hit sweet carts.

Candy Floss Machines

If you’re looking for creative corporate event ideas, a candy floss machine is the way to go! Our cotton candy carts come with one uniformed attendant, tables, decorations and extension cables and have unlimited servings for your guests to enjoy. You can choose the colour of the candy floss and the carts can be branded for your event. If you’re looking for a unique element for your event, hire a candy floss cart, whether you’re launching a product, hosting a marketing event or planning a Christmas party – our candy floss machines will add that extra element of excitement.

Chocolate Fountain

Already have your corporate event planned out, but want to add that little something extra? Nothing makes people happier than a steady supply of delicious chocolate – and our chocolate fountains overdeliver every time. Using only the finest quality Belgian chocolate, guests will be spoilt for choice with six different dips to choose from including marshmallows, brownies and strawberries. Watch the expressions on your guests’ faces as they experience their first taste of Belgian chocolate fountain heaven.

Waffle Carts

Our waffle carts are the perfect addition to your next corporate conference. They create a unique talking point and could be exactly what your delegates need to get them ready for a day at a conference. They’re also a popular choice for morning business breakfasts, a mid- morning office surprise, launch events and promotional occasions, and staff parties.

White , Black , Blue , Pink or red Wooden Carts

Snacks and other enjoyable foods can be displayed on white wooden promotional carts at corporate events to foster consumer-brand relationships. According to some research, using food carts, vans or trucks at corporate events can make for a more enjoyable experience for guests and even help bring in new clients.

Consider hiring some white wooden promotional carts and placing them in prime locations at your corporate event. You could fill the carts with various snacks and amusement food that complement your brand and appeal to your customer base. It’s also a good idea to hire people to take care of the carts and keep them stocked and tidy all day long.

Branded Macarons

Macarons with a company’s branding can be used in a variety of ways to sweeten and liven up a business function.

You can send branded gifts like macarons to your team or customers directly to remind them about your business and your values. Macarons are an exquisite and one-of-a-kind dessert that can inject some fun into any gathering. These pastries are light and colourful and come in a variety of flavours, making them a flexible and appetising option for a business function.

In sum, branded macarons are a delightful addition to any corporate event, helping to leave a lasting impression on guests.

Branded Cupcakes

Having branded cupcakes at a corporate event can make it more fun and memorable for guests. Branded cupcakes, which can be decorated with a company’s logo or other branding elements, can help give an event a polished, unified appearance.

Cupcakes can serve two purposes: they can be a tasty treat for guests, and they can add a branded, visually appealing touch to the event. Having a variety of sweet treats available can help to raise spirits and make the event more fun for everyone.

When deciding whether or not to use branded cupcakes at a corporate event, it’s important to think about the event and the audience.

Hot Chocolate Cart

An office party can be made cosier and more festive with the help of a hot chocolate cart. Renting hot chocolate carts and placing them in strategic locations around the venue will ensure that your guests can easily get a warm drink whenever they need one.

Adding a company’s logo and colours to a hot chocolate cart is another option. As a result, the event’s overall appearance can be more polished and representative of the company’s professionalism.

Hot chocolate carts are not only functional at keeping guests warm, but also add an element of fun and interactivity to any business function. If you’re hosting a party, you could give guests the option of creating their own unique hot chocolate by providing a selection of flavourings and toppings.

Popcorn Warmer

If you want to serve popcorn from a warmer at your next corporate event, you’ll need to estimate how many people will be attending. Two cups, or one small box, of popcorn per adult guest is a good rule of thumb. If you’re hosting a party for 100 people, for instance, you’ll want to have on hand about 200 small boxes of popcorn.

Using a popcorn warmer will ensure that the popcorn is served hot and fresh at the corporate event.

Not only should you use a warmer to keep the popcorn warm, but you should also think about serving it in something fancy, like branded boxes or decorative containers. Serving popcorn in red and white striped party boxes with scalloped edges is a fun and festive option for a corporate event.

As a whole, providing guests at a corporate event with a warmer and attractive containers or boxes can help to make the event more memorable and enjoyable.

Popcorn bags

Put your company’s name and logo on these popcorn bags to promote your next corporate event. The firm provides a selection of sinfully delicious treats that can be presented in a sleek bag bearing your company’s name. In sum, branded popcorn bags are a great party favour and conversation starter at any business function.

Ready to get started?

Now that we’ve shared some of our insider entertainment ideas for corporate events, it’s your turn to take action. Making a booking will only take a few minutes, and that’s all you need to do to transform your corporate event from ordinary and forgettable to something that is truly memorable.

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