4 Simple Ideas to Transform Your Child’s Birthday Party

Think back to your birthdays as a child. The anticipation as you counted down the months, then the days, the excitement of waking up in the morning knowing there would be presents, and then, the all-important birthday party that you had been planning for weeks. We all want to make these important celebrations special, but with our busy lives and packed schedules, the thought of planning a kid’s birthday party can be overwhelming.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated – with these five simple ideas you can cover everything from entertainment to catering and the best part is that you won’t have to lift a finger yourself.

1.) Fun Foods – Hire a Popcorn Machine, Hotdog Cart or Even a Slush Puppy Machine
Take the stress out of planning what everyone will eat when you make us of fun food and drink hire solutions. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate kid’s slush puppy machine or a New York-style hot dog cart, you can hire them affordably and add fun to your child’s celebration.
2.) Entertainment – Hire a Bouncy Castle or a Magic Mirror Photo Booth
The right type of entertainment will depend on how old your child is. For younger children, bouncy castle hire is always a crowd-pleaser, and it comes with the added benefit of tiring out all the kids. As your child gets older, their tastes become more sophisticated, so why not hire a magic mirror photo booth? The tweens will get a break from taking selfies, and party guests will be able to take home mementoes from the event.
3.) Dessert – A Sweet Cart also called Candy Cart or Candy Floss Machine is the Icing on Top
This is where the magic happens. Think about how your child’s eyes will light up when they see a candy cart piled with all their favourite sweets, or a candy floss machine making candy floss in their favourite colour.
4.) Personalisation – Incorporate a Theme to Bring the Party Together
With branding available for the different fun food machines and carts, you can customise the theme of the celebration. From superhero themes to celebration messages, you can choose exactly what message you want. Whether your child is turning two, twelve or eighteen, it’s important to celebrate their milestones but should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. With the right food, entertainment and dessert with a touch of personalisation, planning a kids birthday party is sure to be a success, and you can sit back and take it all in knowing that all the details have been taken care of. You know that your guests will be happy, you’ll have fun and, most importantly, your child will feel loved and celebrated.

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