Branded Popcorn Bags

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Bag size*:

  • Small bag size : 17cm/12cm (6.7″/4.7″)
  • Medium : 25cm/ 17cm ( 10″/6.7″)
  • Large : 28cm/19cm (11″/7.5″)
  • *Bag size may vary depending on availability.

Flavours : 

  • Mixed | Sweet | Salty | Plain

 Note :

  • Standard Lead Time 2-5 working days
  • Minimum order 100 bags
  • Customer to provide LOGO
  • Free delivery to London Only
  • Please Provide Delivery Date & Address
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Branded Popcorn Bags filled with your favorite popcorn, sealed in a bag to maintain freshness.

These freshly popped popcorns are edible for 30 days.

  • Round label on the front. ( Shape of logo can be changed )
  • QR code can be added to the front label
  • Product content on the back.

Bag size*:

  • Small bag size : 17cm/12cm (6.7″/4.7″)
  • Medium : 25cm/ 17cm ( 10″/6.7″)
  • Large : 28cm/19cm (11″/7.5″)
  • *Bag size may vary depending on availability.

Our promotional popcorn bags are a creative and entertaining way to interact with attendees at trade shows while also drawing potential consumers to your booth. These attractive, branded bags of delectable popcorn provide as a delightful inducement for onlookers to pause and interact with your company.

First instance, providing free popcorn encourages interaction by establishing a friendly atmosphere. Visitors to the exhibition will value your company’s generosity, which promotes favourable connotations with your brand. Visitors are more inclined to stick around and listen to your pitch as they savour their snack, allowing you the chance to interact with them and highlight your goods or services.

Second, the customised popcorn bags serve as walking billboards for your company. Visitors unintentionally advertise your business to other participants as they carry the bags around the expo. The bag’s striking logo will capture people’s attention and increase traffic to your booth.

In conclusion, complimentary promotional popcorn bags with company names are a successful marketing strategy at trade shows.

Our branded popcorn bags can   :

  1. create a friendly atmosphere,
  2. encourage interaction,
  3. provide free advertising,
  4. create a memorable sensory experience for potential customers.

Your brand’s exposure and engagement will be increased by adding this tactic into your exhibition plan, which will ultimately increase your conversion rate.
Our branded confectionery bags are perfect for gift bags or giveaways at events.

Additional information


Sweet, Salty, Mixed


Small 20g, Medium 50g, Large 100g


100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, Any Quantity

Delivery Areas

London, Birmingham, Reading, Northampton, Plymouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Stoke, Newcastle, Hull, Nottingham, Bradford, Coventry, Leicester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Reviews (1)

1 review for Branded Popcorn Bags

  1. Rachel Foster

    Bought to be part of a movie night at work. They come flat packed so they have to be put together but simple enough and seem fairly sturdy. Looked great with our logo printed on them.

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